Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our services?

If you operate a business without online presence, you may be losing a wider part of your niche market. By becoming visible online, you will increase sales. Browsers will turn into buyers by accessing information or content online about your offering; also increase your customer base. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing; you will save a few bucks while improving visibility for your business online.

Our agency will save you or your organization time and money that can be spent on other projects which can expand your business. We also save you money as our agency charges no monthly fees. You will give your customers or niche market a chance to share and access your content online. Old ways/traditional of connecting with potential customers and communicating with current ones is slowly fading away. Our agency has various tools and resources for digital marketing.

Companies need to reach to customers through the use of different digital marketing tools. Technological devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, mp3 players have opened a wider niche market regardless of the age group as they can be used to access the internet. It is beneficial for businesses to have a digital marketing strategy whether operating online or offline.

How long does it take for Ads to go live?

On some websites, ads go live within minutes of posting as there is no approval process involved. Whilst in other websites, ads have to go through an approval process and they are reviewed to ensure ads posted fallow posting policies. Ads typically take about 0 -3 business days to go live or be approved.

Web administrators use this delay to help eliminate spam, fraud and any other misleading ads from being posted.

All payments have to be made upfront before services can be performed by either using direct deposits at your local bank, wire transfers (internet banking), PayPal or through PayFast. All refunds must be requested within 24 hours after ads/posts are live.

Our standard return policy is subject to a 24 hour standard money back guarantee. We are dealing with real time results online, the sooner you request a refund, the sooner we will be able to prevent any damage from spreading online. Please visit our terms and conditions page for further details.

How do i receive feedback?

Our Agency provides feedback through one of the following documents: Microsoft documents (Word, PDF, Exel) and Email messages depending on your preferences.

Feedback can be forwarded to you either through attachments on Emails, Whatsapp, Google + and dropbox. You can contact our admin office for further details at

Do I write my own article and posts?

You can provide us with details on how you prefer your articles written or you can provide your own articles and we will re-write multiple articles for you. You can also submit details such as article title and we will research and write articles on your behalf. The same applies for blog posts.

Plagiarism is considered a high offence among the online community as is easy to locate using plagiarism checkers or just by keyword search. In short, you cannot write one article and submit it to multiple directories, even two won't pass. Once your content is published online in one source, you will be required to submit a deferent vision of the same content to other sources.

Meaning, if you want to get 5 articles submitted to 5 different websites, you will have to write 1 article and rewrite/spin the remaining 4 all about the same topic and submit each to a different site to get published. By doing so, your content won't be considered duplicate or plagiarized. Our Agency does so by rewriting multiple articles on the same topic you submitted in order for your content to be published using different platforms.

Do you make post manually or use software?

Our Agency posts content manually without the use of any software's utilizing different online sources such as search engines, article and business directories, online forums and review sites and other web 2.0 websites. Our Agency fallows a strict policy against the use of black hat tricks (the use of automated software's to post content). If we use software to manually post content on behalf of our clients, we will destroy both our Agencies and clients' reputation and credibility.

Another major reason we also adopted a strict policy against the use of black hat tricks is that content looses quality and it makes it extremely impossible for us to maintain content online. Black hat software's are used to post multiple posts within a short amount of time and for avoiding duplicate content online. Unfortunately black Hat tricks make content lose its quality and meaning.

Prohibited policies for duplicate content work on platforms such as online forums and reviews, blogs and press release sites. Online platforms which allow duplicate content are classifieds, job boards and directory submissions. Duplicate content allowed online includes image files, audio and video formats, text, source code any many more.

How many websites do you make posts on?

Click on this link Price list to view how many websites we post on for each service. As a client, you are allowed to send us links to sites you want your post to appear on.

Will your services benefit me or my business?

Digital technology has altered the consumer industry in a massive way. With the assistance of digital technology, consumers can easily find information about any product, organization or even individuals by just typing a few keywords using keyword search bars. Consumers or anyone for that matter can also easily connect with organizations through forums, social networks or by contacting them directly. In short, if users can easily find information or find your organization online, you will increase sales or exposure for your organization regardless if it is big or small or still in the startup phase.

Before users can access information or any other type of content online about you or your organization, you will need to build a digital footprint. You can do that even if you are operating a brick n matter business without a website. The primary vision of our organization is to establish or build a strong digital footprint for organizations in order for them to reach a wider market. Since the invention or introduction of the internet, the statistics for internet usage have increased rapidly without any visible signs of decreasing.

What is also advantageous about digital marketing is that is cheaper than traditional marketing. Our Agency also charges lower rates as most of the platforms we post on are free or offer low monthly or annual rates. We assist executives and webmasters of such platforms with content and also assist our clients with building a reputation and generating traffic from established platforms we make posts on. Extensive research is conducted before any posts are made on any platform.

Can I make changes to my Ads?

It quite depends as some websites allow ad editing while others are against it or you will have to contact administrators for review before your ad can be edited. Platforms such as classifieds, blogs and job boards allow ad editing in most sites. But the trick is with articles, review, directory and forum posts have to be reviewed by administrators before posts are edited.

You can contact our Agency through one of the communication channels and we will inform you if we will be able to succeed or fail to make changes to your ads.

Do you make post locally or internationally?

With Geographical postings it all depends on the amount of exposure you have or desire, the size and structure of your business and the kind of products or services you offer. If you are selling your car or house locally, you just post a 4/for sale sign on your property or automobile. That simply means your niche market is people around your community or town.

But if you want to extent your exposure for your sale or advertisement, you will need to use digital tools such as classifieds, forums or social networking platforms to reach a wider market. If we post your 4/for sale ad for your car or house online, your niche market becomes wider, we will have to extend your exposure from your local community to other cities, towns and countries.

Digital marketers use the World Wide Web as their laboratories for experimenting, researching and fusing different tools and platforms to ensure all major, small, start-up's or individuals build or maintain their digital footprint by building customer loyalty and increase their reach to a wider audience in the digital universe.

Are all Online transactions secure on this website?

Yes, all online transactions on our website are secure; third-party websites we have partnered with all have strict security measures for securing safe online transactions.

How do I get in touch?

You can get in touch with us using one of the contact details listed here


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About Us

Our primary objective is to assist companies and individuals promote their ads and content online using Multiple website platforms to market their products or services for them to generate leads, traffic and improve sales. We post ads on multiple Online Classifieds, Business Directories, Forums, Guest Blogs and submit SEO articles to online article directories all being part of our digital marketing strategy for businesses. We write online Product or Service reviews and also perform online Keyword search.

Online Ad Posting Service (Pty) Ltd Ltd assists all types of Companies and Individuals deal with Spam Mail from websites. By using our service, you will gain Access Traffic, Generate Sales, Recruit and Promote your products and services online. You can Partner with our Agency for your Marketing Strategies and save money, resources and time. Since the introduction of the internet to the public, marketing cost have become cheaper as people are now relying on Digital Marketing trends to target a wider demographic.