ONLINE AD POSTING SERVICE is a Digital Marketing Agency that posts online ads for large, small or start-up businesses and individuals. Our Agency posts ads on online media such as classifieds, forums, blogs, review and press release sites, business directories, SEO article directories and Job Boards. read more

Types of services we offer

Basic Ad Posting

For organizations and individuals who require their ads posted online on multiple classifieds sites and Job boards. Best for HR, Staffing and Recruiting, Real Estate Agencies, Earth Moving Equipment Sales and Hiring, Part Time Job Employers or any individual who needs to promote their Products, Services or Sell online.

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Ad Response

Our Agency posts ads using our own contact details to Respond to Leads. This service is best for avoiding Spam Mail from classifieds, Spammers and Spam Software. You only respond to Emails or contact details we forward. You will deal with people who are genuinely interested in your Offer, Promotion, Product or Service.

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Response and Verification

This service is for HR, Employers, Recruitment and Staffing Agencies. We post ads online using our Agencies contact details, we Reply and Verity if job seeker/lead meets your requirements. If they meet your requirements, we forward all candidates/lead's CV/Resume or Contact Details to you or your organization.

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Blog and SEO Article Writing

We write SEO Articles and Blog Posts from 300 - 1000 words. Our Agency provides content or you can provide content for us to Rewrite multiple articles. We write 100% and unique article posts that pass thought all Online Plagiarism Checkers. All articles and posts are for Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation, Information and Promotions.

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Forum Posting

This service is for Business Owners, Sales Agents, Affiliates or Individuals who wish to promote their businesses online and receive Direct Referrals. We promote your business by posting new threads or replying to existing threads. Through sharing information on forums, you will Generate Leads, use them as tools for Customer Service and receive Feedback from consumers.

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Directory Submission

Directory submissions are for Business Owners who want to notify customers or clients about details regarding their business such as Location, Operating Hours, Products and Services you offer, Domain Link, Contact Details and etc. Customers will easily locate information related to your business from multiple business directories. Indexing your business in one is advantageous.

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Review Writing

We use the service to Post and Write online reviews, reviewing Products, Services or anything you need reviewed. Review writing Increases consumers knowledge regarding your offers from other Consumers who have experienced or used your products or services before or even currently. You may also Discover Genuine opinions regarding your business from your niche market.

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Online Search

If you are Browsing online and you do not have the time to search through dozens of websites or cannot find specific Information, Services or Products, or anything you might be searching for online, our Agency will perform the task for you. We will Forward you links and information for content you require. You might be searching for a House, doing Research or any type of online search.

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Press Releases

If you have something Newsworthy to announce online such as Attracting Media Attention to your business, book launches, events, etc, then online press releases are your solution. Our Agency Distributes press releases through Online Publications. They are used to announce News Items online such as New or Improved products and services, Social Events and more.

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Guest Blogging

By Guest blogging on Popular online blogs, you will gain access Traffic to your social media accounts, website, sales pages, promotions, listings, etc. It is also a great source for Promoting your products and services and for lead generation. All blogs our Agency posts on Automatically have high traffic. It is guaranteed that your Post/s will be read by many visitors.

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About Us

Our primary objective is to assist companies and individuals promote their ads and content online using Multiple website platforms to market their products or services for them to generate leads, traffic and improve sales. We post ads on multiple Online Classifieds, Business Directories, Forums, Guest Blogs and submit SEO articles to online article directories all being part of our digital marketing strategy for businesses. We write online Product or Service reviews and also perform online Keyword search.

Online Ad Posting Service (Pty) Ltd Ltd assists all types of Companies and Individuals deal with Spam Mail from websites. By using our service, you will gain Access Traffic, Generate Sales, Recruit and Promote your products and services online. You can Partner with our Agency for your Marketing Strategies and save money, resources and time. Since the introduction of the internet to the public, marketing cost have become cheaper as people are now relying on Digital Marketing trends to target a wider demographic.