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General Terms and Conditions

Information contained on this webpage, including the URL, webpages and other Internet website references, is subject to change without notice. No part of this document may be reproduced, published, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted by any means "electronic, mechanical, photocopying, modifying or through any other technological devices". Or without any express written permission from the Agency 'Online Ad Posting Service Pty (Ltd)'. Online Ad Posting Service may have patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights linked to the Agencies domain.

The information and data displayed on this site is subject to revisions without notice, the Agency reserves the right to update our terms and conditions without giving any notice to you in advance. The Terms and Conditions of our Agency are found at the bottom of each webpage that belongs to this website www.onlineadservice.co.za, it is your responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions before taking any further action on our website.

By using services we offer at our Agency, you hereby agree that the terms and conditions of this page are legally binding for any jurisdiction in the world. These terms of service apply to all pages on this website. Our Agency reserves the right to cancel all ads, reviews, posts, etc if we acquire evidence or believe that you have breached our Terms of Use.


For Legal reasons, we save all our communication with clients to solve disputes and as evidence to the agreement between you and our Agency, this agreement protects both clients and our company from any legal disputes. We have the right to share your information such as contact details and transaction history and all the documents that you have forwarded to our Agency and communication history if required by Law/court order.

Not all ads will be accepted by our agency, we have the right to reject ads that we believe are going to destroy the reputation of our agency. We will reject all ads and posts if you use our services to promote hate speech, spam, 419 /work at home scams, viruses, discretionary practices or offensive content, under age pornography, ads relating to illegal activity, etc.

If you use our services for conducting criminal acts such as work at home scams and 419 scams or any related cyber crime, we will gladly provide your personal details you provided to our Agency to law enforcement in any country we posted the ad for you or your organization. We will hand over your details even without a court order; we only protect our client's personal details that use our services for marketing purposes and search engine optimization.

For posts and research that include sexual explicit content, you must be over the age of 18 or 21 in other countries to request the service, if we find out you are younger than 18 or 21, we will terminate the service and no refunds will be issued to you. For adult and model recruitment agencies, you must have proof of the company or agency you represent. You only need to verify this once, and after we have verified the company you represent, you can send as many ad requests without verification.

For labor broking and staffing agencies, please include the amount you charge for your service, otherwise we will reject your advertisement. Job seekers have the right to know if they are going to be charged a fee for your service and the total costs involved. The rest you can discuss with them privately after they reply to your add. We do this to protect our companies' reputation and our website users

Third Party Websites

Third party companies such as websites we make posts on and online payment systems are not associated with us in any form or shape. You should also read the terms and conditions on their websites before using their service. Any information we collect from you shall not be traded with any third party unless it is for the sale and transfer of the entire Agency including this website and all its webpages.

Links belonging to third party websites such as online payment gateways and advertisers are involved in a partnership and binding agreements between them and our Agency. We do not and are not involved in any promotion of these third party websites. Other third party websites will be ones that are promoting their products and services using our websites. We do not have any relationships or are involved with some of the ad banners appearing on our website other than granting advertisers and companies the opportunity to advertise on our website.

Regarding all third party website links posted on our website, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you obtain any information that may be relevant to your decision making while browsing on their websites. You need to read all security policies such as legal notices, privacy policy, terms and conditions, return policy, etc contained on their WebPages. Our Agency will automatically lose control over security policies on third party websites. The Agency will not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer directly or indirectly while conducting your activities on third party websites. This privacy policy binds as an agreement that you will access third party websites entirely at your own risk.

Refund Policy

It is Online Ad Posting Service's primary goal to ensure complete customer satisfaction in any service you request, we offer our service with pride and joy. If at some point after offering our services and feel dissatisfied with final results, you are required to request a refund claim by contacting our agency within 2 working days from service/task completion and delivery date. On your refund claim form, you are required to include the link to the post/s you feel dissatisfied with, included should be the reference number or invoice number, reason for termination "to improve our services" and date ad was posted.

The reason for the 48 hour waiting period is for purposes that Online Ad Posting Service conducts its service on a fast passed environment and a lot of damage can be done and a lot can be achieved during a 48 hour period when dealing with the online environment. That is the reason online marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools in modern day age. Immediate action needs to be taken in situations where may need to edit errors or delete posts. A lot of damage can be achieved if time is wasted and no immediate action is taken to prevent it from spreading/going viral.

We use different payment methods to release refunds. For PayPal users, refunds will reflect on your account as soon as the payment is approved. Other refunds will be released to your credit, debit or check card. It may take longer than 7 working days for your refund to reflect on your personal or business account for some banks and certain account holders.

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