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As a client/customer, you can provide us with links to specific sites you want your ads, reviews, posts, directory and article submissions to appear on.

Price List:

  • Basic Ad Posting

  • Service is used to sell or advertise products, services and brands online. Your ads will be submitted and posted on multiple classifieds or job boards. By posting a single ad on multiple classifieds, you increase the odds of the ad by being viewed by multiple online users as they each use different sources to search for ads or jobs.

    Service Description
    Posting 10 Websites - Per single order
    Websites Online Classifeds and Job boards
    Ad Type All Types of Ads
    Delivery 24 hrs - Max
    Price R30.00

    Basic Ad Posting

    Classified advertising is commonly used in print media and digital (online) sources to communicate information to the market. Our Agency offers Basic Ad Posting Service to assist individuals, agencies, small and corporate businesses, affiliates or anyone who wishes to promote their products and services online by posting multiple ads on classifieds and job boards. Classified advertising is one the most powerful tools for digital advertising.

    There are millions of classifieds online and users rely on them to locate products, services and businesses. Job seekers also rely on online classifieds to search for jobs. Posting your ad on classifieds will expose your ad to a wider demographic. Classifieds fall under three categories: sales, advertisements and recruiting. Print media classifieds are decreasing as online classifieds are cheaper and target a much wider audience.

    Our Agency posts ads on classified sections such as; Vehicles, Real Estate/Property, Jobs, Services, Home and Garden, Electronics, Baby and kids, Boats, Business To Business, Fashion, Pets, Sports and Leisure, Charity Events/Donations, Community Boards and Events, For Sale, Education and many more.

    • Ad Response

    • Service is used to post ads online using the Agencies contact details, afterwards we forward leads contact details to clients. We post and respond to ads such as jobs and for sale ads, recruiting, marketing and promotional ads. After we forward details, it will be the client's responsibility to interview, sell or market and close the deal with the lead. The Agency will forward each and every leads details to the client.

      Service Description
      Posting 10 Websites - Per single order
      Websites Online Classifeds, Job Boards
      Delivery 24 hrs - Max
      Ad Type Responding to Email's, Online Chat, SMS & Calls
      Country National and International Postings
      Price R60.00

      Ad Response

      Virtual Assistants are used by individuals and organizations to outsource tasks that can save time and increase productivity for their businesses or projects. By Selecting the Ad Response service, clients will be secure from publishing their contact details online and will avoid unsolicited emails and calls. We do not communicate with the lead directly, we only post the ad online and forward leads details as we receive them in our mailbox.

      It will be up to the client to follow up on the lead. Organizations or individuals can save valuable time and resources by using our service. You might post an ad selling or searching for a car or house and our task will be posting ads online and then forward details from users who are interested in your offer to your email address.

      Our Agency assists the following; Staffing and Recruitment Agencies, Real Estate Agencies, Graphic and Web Design Agencies, Insurance Agencies, Affiliate Marketers, Lead Generators, Sales Agents and more

      • Response and Verification

        Post are made using Agencies own contact details to verify if the leads details meets minimum requirements. It will be the client's responsibility call back for interviews or close the deal after we forwards leads details. Leads will be communicating directly with the Agency for verification and we will respond by forwarding qualifying leads to the client. We communicate with each and every lead before we forward any details to the client.

        Service Description
        Posting 10 Websites - Per single order
        Websites Online Classifeds, Job Boards
        Delivery 24 hrs - Max
        Ad Type All ads that require response and verification from leads, clients, etc
        Country National and International Postings
        Price R150.00

        Response & Verification

        Responding to ads can be time consuming as too many people can reply for the ad even after the position is filled or the sale is concluded. By outsourcing the service to our agency, we will have first-hand communication with all leads per your instructions to verify if they meet your requirements. The client will only deal with leads we have selected as those who meet their minimum requirements, eliminating time wasters and opportunists.

        We will be using different communication sources to communicate with leads to explain the ad or what is required from them. For job ads, we go through each and every candidate's application and only forward those that meet the minimum requirements. For marketing, promotion and for sale ads, we will have a chat with leads interested in the offer to explain and answer questions regarding the posted advertisement.

        Suitable for; Administrative and Office support, Engineering, Financial, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial, Construction, Mining, Automotive, Human Resources, Recruitment - Staffing, Legal, Sales - Marketing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Television, Lifestyle or any other type of offer.

        • Blog and SEO Article Writing

          The service is used for writing SEO articles and Blog posts from 100 - 1000 words. All articles and blog posts are researched for each and every topic we write and rewrite content for. You can either publish articles or blog posts yourself or our agency can publish them on your behalf on article directories. Each and every article is 100% unique and not plagiarized from any source. Blog posts can only be submitted via email to bloggers.

          Service Description
          Posting 1 Website - Per single order
          Websites Article Directories, Ezines, Online Magazines, Blogs
          Delivery 48 hrs, depending on the number of orders
          Ad Type Write and re-write blog and SEO articles
          Country National and International Postings
          Price R30.00, 300 words max - R50.00, 600 words max - R80.00, 1000 words max

          Blog & SEO Article Writing

          Blogs and SEO article content marketing is one of the best tools to market content online and generate traffic/leads to your website or business and to build relationships with consumers. Articles posted on directories are written to provide researched and informative content related to a specific audience or niche. Blogs are more casual and offer the opportunity to get personal with your readers as they are interactive and allow visitors to leave comments.

          SEO articles have a more formal and professional tone without turning the article into a marketing broacher. They also provide business owners and individuals the opportunity to target millions of readers searching for information online. Blog posts are written in a conversational tone. To distinguish between the two, article posts are similar to content posted on newspapers and blog posts are similar to content posted on magazines.

          Categories include; Personal, Business, Schools, Non-profits, sports, how to tips and tutorials, SEO and SEM, Affiliate marketing, interviews, inspirational, photos and videos, biography, news and events, stories and adventures and many more.

          • Forum Posting

            Service best suited for business owners, sales agents, affiliates or any individual who needs to promote their business or any other offerings online to generate leads from forum members. We post posts on forums relating to services you offer by posting new threads and replaying to existing ones. Our Agency promotes products and services using online forums. Online forums can also be used by businesses to moderate consumes interests.

            Service Description
            Posting 20 posts - 5 websites max
            Websites Online Forums
            Delivery 72 hrs - max
            Ad Type Online marketing, market research, product, business and service review
            Country National and International Postings
            Price R100.00 Per single order

            Forum Posting

            Online forums are used by members to interact with each other and discuss their knowledge, experiences, offer confront, inform, socialize or recommend businesses to other forum members. Organizations use online forums to moderate threads for consumer research by communicating with consumers in their niche market to grow trust and interact with them. Online forums are very good tools for marketing your business.

            The service is used by our agency to market, interact and research client's products and services online on their behalf. By doing so, we will help consumers and organizations build solid relationships between them. Consumers communicate to each other or regarding certain offers. We will be able to conduct research on behalf of individuals or organizations by directly interacting with different consumers on different platforms.

            Topics include; Products and Services, Competitions, Sports, Politics, Personal Issues, TV and Movies, Technology, Education, Sex, Beauty and Lifestyle, Travel and Leisure, Property and Real Estate, Insurance, Finance, etc.

            • Directory submission

              Using this service to publish your business details online is very important for any online marketing campaign as traditional directories are decreasing in circulation. We use the service to publish content on multiple business directories for customers to easily access details they may require regarding your business from any remote location. Details could include operating hours, location trading hours, products or service you offer.

              Service Description
              Posting 10 websites - Per single order
              Websites Online Directory Submissions
              Delivery 72 hrs - max
              Ad Type Online Digital Business Marketing
              Country National and International Postings
              Price R80.00

              Directory submission

              Directory Submissions are used as a tool for business recommendations online. They are used to gather all relevant information about businesses. Listing your business will give your organization a digital footprint and increase visibility for your business. Online business directories list businesses by category and subcategory to make locating information easy for users. Being listed on online business directories will help your company gain competitive edge against other competitors and you will be exposed to new business opportunities and target potential customers globally.

              Directories are niche specific, which makes it easy for users/customers to find information related to your business. Submissions are beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO), this helps your organization or business target buyers who use search engines to find information about companies, services and products online. Directories we submit your business details to are already indexed and have reputable rankings among search engines. Online business directories are one of the best digital marketing tools for expanding your business locally and internationally.

              Categories include; Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home, Internet, Kids & Teens, News, Real Estate, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Shopping, Society, Sports, Travel, etc.

              • Review Writing

                We use the service to review products, services and brands online. Consumers write reviews to express their own genuine opinions regarding their experiences with products, services and brands while some write reviews to encourage others to test or buy your offers. Companies use review sites to encourage consumers to start commenting on those reviews. Businesses use feedback from reviews written by consumers for consumer research.

                Service Description
                Posting 1 Website - Per single order
                Delivery 48 hrs - max
                Ad Type Product, Business and Service reviews
                Country National and International Postings
                Price R50.00, 300 words max - R80.00, 600 words max - R120.00, 1000 words max

                Rewiew Writing

                Organizations and individuals engaged in sales and marketing understand that consumers love online reviews and most use them to make purchase decisions. They also rely on online reviews to re-examine their marketing strategies or for product and service improvements, as their offers are reviewed by actual people who use or have used them. A good review can be influential to a buyers purchasing decision than an advertisement.

                Consumers love writing reviews as they love sharing anything good or bad they have experienced, encountered or just to fore-warn others regarding certain offers. Online reviews reveal unique experiences from users, the best people who can market your brand are those who have experienced it and are not related to your organization, but they can be the same people can destroy your businesses reputation.

                Categories include; Books, Products, Restaurants, Software, Web Services, Electronics, Stores, Mobile Devices, Businesses, Margarines, Health products, Hardware's, Service Providers, Home and Business Security, Heath Products, Skin and Beauty Products, Stock and Forex Trading, etc.

                • Online Search

                  If you want to conduct online search using sources such as search engines, directories, Ezines, encyclopedias and you don't have time to search through dozens of websites, we will perform the service for you. After we have located information you requested, we will forward content and links to the sites you where searching for. All the content indexed online is user submitted, so it requires patients and skill to find the right information.

                  Service Description
                  Search Online Search engines, online Academic and Trade journals, Online Libraries, etc
                  Websites Websites related to your keywords
                  Delivery 72 hrs max - Per order
                  Ad Type Internet Research
                  Country National and International
                  Price R50.00 per order

                  Online Search

                  We live in the evolved age of the World Wide Web which is overflowing with different sources of information and knowledge (expect and opinionated). With literally hundreds of millions sources of information available online, it is hard for most users to locate and sort out relevant information for. Because search engines use keyword search to retrieve information from its databases, users usually land on websites that are not related to their search and this tends to make online search frustrating and exhausting for most users.

                  Not all content online is accurate, useful or even valid. Search engines are indexing new websites daily and webmasters use different techniques to increase their page ranks, meaning WebPages with useful information get dropped down below search page results. To locate such pages containing specific content you are searching for, you will need to use keyword search skills and that is where our Agency comes to assist.

                  We conduct searches from sources such as; websites, online libraries, Ezines, online journals, blogs, article and press release sites, Online encyclopedia, online review sites, etc.

                  • Press Releases

                    We use this service to write and distribute press releases online for organizations and individuals as PR tools to announce anything newsworthy online. We use them to attract media attention and provide publicity for promotions, events, products and services. Press releases announce feature stories such as new product launches, awards, conferences or any upcoming events; they are not used for general news.

                    Service Description
                    Posting 1 Website - Per single order
                    Websites Press release distribution sites
                    Delivery 48 hrs, depending on the number of orders
                    Ad Type Write, re-write and distribute
                    Country National and International Postings
                    Price R100.00, 300 words max - R150.00, 500 words max - R200.00, 1000 words max

                    Press Releases

                    Online press releases typically convey information organizations plan to share with the public or consumers through digital media sources. Organizations use press releases to create media coverage by writing and publishing newsworthy content online. Press release can be easily shared by other readers making them viral and simple to share on social media, blogs and rss feeds. When distributed using proper channels, press releases can help your organization attract appropriate attention.

                    We use this service to blog on other blogger's blogs with their permission and approval to offer content contribution to their blogs. We guest blog on blogs that already have high traffic volumes and regular readers who visit them daily. your posts will be automatically read by hundreds of users. Guest blogging assist blog owners maintain fresh and interesting content for their readers and we assist our clients to market their offers on them.

                    Topics include; organizational general news, product and service launch, executive announcements, PR events, calendar events, fundraising and charity events, review, etc.

                    • Guest Blogging

                      This service is used for blogging on other blogger's blogs with their permission and approval to offer them content contribution. We guest blog on blogs that already have high traffic volumes and regular readers who visit them daily. Your posts will be automatically read by hundreds of users. Guest blogging assist blog owners maintain fresh and interesting content for their readers and we assist our clients to market their offers on them.

                      Service Description
                      Posting 1 Website - Per single order
                      Websites Online Blogs
                      Delivery 48 hrs, depending on the number of orders
                      Ad Type Write and re-write blog posts
                      Country National and International Postings
                      Price R40.00, 300 words max - R60.00, 500 words max - R100.00, 1000 words max

                      Guest Blogging

                      Guest posts allow guest bloggers link back to their websites, blogs or any published content online or publish company information on guest posts. Guest blogging is used for building relationships with the audience and other bloggers. Bloggers use guest post to increase traffic to their blogs. Websites such as Pinterest and HubPages use guest posts to attract more readers to their blogs and keep their content fresh and interesting.

                      Organizations and individuals use guest posts to market their offers on already established platforms with a high volume of readers and contributors daily. This means you only provide content and blog owners or administrators will be responsible for generating traffic for published content on their website. Guest blogs also have highly maintained social network profiles making your posts accessible to a wider audience. The relationship benefits both guest blogs and those publishing content on them.

                      Categories include; Home, Business, Health and Fitness, Food, Medical, Educational, Political, Science and Technology, Environment, Movies, Music, Children, Adult, etc.


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About Us

Our primary objective is to assist companies and individuals promote their ads and content online using Multiple website platforms to market their products or services for them to generate leads, traffic and improve sales. We post ads on multiple Online Classifieds, Business Directories, Forums, Guest Blogs and submit SEO articles to online article directories all being part of our digital marketing strategy for businesses. We write online Product or Service reviews and also perform online Keyword search.

Online Ad Posting Service (Pty) Ltd Ltd assists all types of Companies and Individuals deal with Spam Mail from websites. By using our service, you will gain Access Traffic, Generate Sales, Recruit and Promote your products and services online. You can Partner with our Agency for your Marketing Strategies and save money, resources and time. Since the introduction of the internet to the public, marketing cost have become cheaper as people are now relying on Digital Marketing trends to target a wider demographic.